Honey is definitely not vegan

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Honey is definitely not vegan

Mensaje  Euthanasia brigade el Vie 19 Mar 2010, 10:47

Because they are insects and because they are seen flying free, bees are considered free of the usual cruelties of the animal farming industry. However bees undergo treatments similar to those endured by other farm animals. They go through routine examination and handling, artificial feeding regimes, drug and pesticide treatment, genetic manipulation, artificial insemination, transportation (by air, rail and road) and slaughter.

Like cows and chickens, bees are used as bio-machines to make a product for human consumption. Like all forms of slavery in the modern world, bees are seized as production units, fit the “how to benefit their owner" method.

Please watch/read the this multimedia article about how non vegan honey is:

Euthanasia brigade

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